The new Harry Joyce Custom 100 watt amplifier is an A-B class amplifier with attenuator feature. These are all point to point, hand wired. Built right here in the United States of America under the watchful eye of George Scholz.



– 18 mm Marine grade Birch plywood

– Solid dove tail construction

All Harry Joyce Custom 100 watt Amplifier features include:

– Stainless steel chassis

– Enlarged filtering in power and bias supply

– All Teflon tube sockets

– Improved shielding & layout

– Hum balance

It provides 4 inputs:

– Normal Hi/Low

– Brilliant Hi/Low

This Harry Joyce Custom 100 watt amplifier is a master volume design which includes:

Gain controls for Normal or Brilliant inputs, Tone controls for Bass, Treble, Mids and Presence. The pre amp stage uses 4 of our custom 12AX7 pre amp tubes for inputs, tone, voltage amp, and driver. The output stage (output transformer) is designed for our EL34HJ power tubes.

Grand Master volume 

Our new Grand master feature allows you to attenuate post master volume, resulting in higher gain and lower volumes as you attenuate, helping you achieve the perfect amount of gain at the appropriate level on stage or in the studio.

Dual status indicators
The Blue LED indicates line voltage present.
The Green LED Indicates high voltage present.
This is a helpful tool since a loss of high voltage is a blown fuse most likely cased by a faulty tube.

On the back side, voltage selector is now inside for safety and industrial grade ohm selector, 2 speaker outputs (in parallel) and Hum balance, send and return (effect loop), as well as, our military grade fuse holders for power, high voltage supply and IEC Filtered Powered Entry Module.

Specs for Harry Joyce Custom 100 Watt amplifier:

Input resistance-High: 1 meg ohm

Input resistance-Low: 136 K ohm

Inputs can be linked from channel to channel

Tone controls:

Bass + minus -20 db

Treble -6 to 30 db with presence

Middle +10 db

Output Power RMS: 100 Watts

Input Voltage Selector:  120 Vac, 230 Vac   50/60 Hz

Output Ohm Selector:  4, 8, 16 ohms

Effect Loop:  Send through master output, return input 1 meg ohm

Pre-amp Tube:   4x      12AX7

Power Tube:     4x       El34HJ

Fuse Power:  4 A  slow acting

Fuse High Voltage:  1 A   fast acting